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This Week in Space: Scrubs, Sunbeams, and Starlink

Hello, readers, and welcome to This Week in Space. Arianespace’s Vega-C rocket made an unplanned aquabraking maneuver in December, crashing into the ocean and destroying the vehicle and its payload satellites. Now, ESA officials report that they know why. Alas,… Continue Reading →

Intel Has Finalized Plans for Its Upcoming 20A and 18A ‘Angstrom’ Nodes

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger holds an 18A SRAM wafer. (Credit: Intel) Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger holds an 18A SRAM wafer (Credit: Intel)In today’s edition of “Intel Roadmap Watch,” we’re learning the company has finalized plans for its most advanced nodes…. Continue Reading →

Meta Announces Price Cuts for VR Headsets, Including $500 Off Quest Pro

The Metaverse was on everyone’s lips in 2022, even though no one can really explain what the heck it is. With the internet zeitgeist now locked on AI chatbots in 2023, Meta appears to be reevaluating the high prices of… Continue Reading →

Discrete GPU Shipments Drop to Levels Not Seen in Over 10 Years

RTX 3050 partner cards. As 2023 plods along, more bad news for the PC hardware industry has arrived from Jon Peddie Research. The market analysis firm has tallied up shipments of CPUs as well as discrete GPUs for the fourth… Continue Reading →

This Week in Space: Ham Radios, a Spare Soyuz, and the Worst Pile-Up Ever

Good afternoon, readers, and welcome to This Week in Space: Your weekly roundup of news from here to the big empty. This week, a lot is going on with SpaceX and the International Space Station.  Today we’ll hear those updates,… Continue Reading →

GPU Prices Are Still Twice As Expensive As They Were in 2020

(Credit: Nvidia)If you wiled away your time playing games during the height of the pandemic, you probably remember how expensive gaming hardware was. Video cards were particularly overpriced thanks to crypto mining, but falling prices and Ethereum’s move to proof-of-stake… Continue Reading →

F-22 May Have Shot Down Harmless Ham Radio Balloon Over Canada

Less than 50 percent of F-22 Raptors are available and ready for service. The recent hyper-focus on the Chinese “spy balloon” that drifted over the US earlier this month has everyone gazing skyward. While they were looking, the US Air… Continue Reading →

Ford to Pause F-150 Lightning Production, Deliveries Over Battery Issue

(Image: Ford)Ford is pausing production and shipments of its F-150 Lightning, the highly anticipated, first-of-its-kind electric pickup from a mainstream automaker. Company sokesperson Emma Bergg confirmed for Motor Authority Tuesday that it would temporarily freeze the F-150 Lightning’s assembly line… Continue Reading →

Microsoft Is Testing Universal RGB Control in Windows 11

Since RGB software entered the PC market many moons ago, it’s been a disorganized mess. Every company that makes hardware with RGB has its own software to control it. Few of these utilities, if any, can sync with one another…. Continue Reading →

OnePlus Takes the Wraps Off OnePlus 11 5G and OnePlus Pad

OnePlus has long since shed the guise of a scrappy startup, operating now as a closely aligned subsidiary of Chinese megafirm Oppo. Perhaps as a result, the last few OP release cycles have been lackluster, but 2023 is shaping up… Continue Reading →

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