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Deepfakes Are Interviewing For Tech Jobs

(Photo: Dylan Ferreira/Unsplash)The tech industry has been rife with recruiting issues in recent years, from post-interview ghosting to bait-and-switch tactics affecting both sides of a job offer. But now the FBI is warning tech companies to look out for an… Continue Reading →

Apple’s Entry-Level M2 MacBook Pro Turns Into a Celeron Under Heavy Load

There’s an old adage in tech about never buying the first generation of any product. As far as Apple Silicon is concerned, however, you might be better off if you did. Reviewers keep finding new ways that the new, M2-equipped… Continue Reading →

Asus, Gigabyte Project Weaker Sales as Consumers Reject GPU Bundles

(Photo: PCMag)Time to break out the violins folks, because the world’s largest motherboard manufacturers have a tearjerker of a tale to tell. Both Asus and Gigabyte are projecting significantly lower motherboard shipments for the rest of 2022. In fact, the… Continue Reading →

AMD Engineer Confirms RDNA3 GPU Power Consumption Will Increase

For the past few months there’s been a constant drip-drip-drip of rumors about the upcoming GPUs from AMD and Nvidia. The most surprising element of those rumors, at least on the Nvidia side of the fence, has been a dramatic… Continue Reading →

China Accused of Weaponizing Its COVID Tracker to Stifle Dissent

(Photo: Jida Li/Unsplash)Chinese citizens are accusing authorities of using the country’s COVID-19 tracker to thwart protests. Hundreds of people have been unable to access their savings for months amid an investigation into several regional banks. Dozens of these frustrated bank… Continue Reading →

SpaceX Fires Employees Behind Musk Open Letter

SpaceX has made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that criticism of founder and CEO Elon Musk will not be tolerated. Just days after a group of employees released an open letter criticizing Musk, some of those involved have found… Continue Reading →

Blizzard Exec Confirms Diablo IV Won’t Have Awful Microtransactions

Diablo fans were momentarily sated earlier this month when the mobile-centric Diablo Immortal launched more than three years after it was announced. However, the game’s deep web of microtransactions has turned the response sour. It’s such a turnaround that an… Continue Reading →

Researchers Found an Unpatchable Security Flaw in Apple’s M1 And You Probably Don’t Need to Care

Researchers working with MIT have found a new flaw in Apple processors that they’re calling unpatchable. While that sounds bad — and under specific circumstances, could be bad — it’s probably not something consumers need to worry about much. The… Continue Reading →

Google Contractors Accuse Recruiting Company of Systemic Wage Theft

(Photo: Kai Wenzel/Unsplash)A company that employs and manages Google contractors has been accused of quietly cutting previously agreed-upon wages, resulting in thousands of dollars in lost wages for each affected worker. A group of contractors working for IT staffing firm… Continue Reading →

A Missouri Farmer Had to File an FTC Complaint to Get His Tractor Repaired

Randy Fath/Unsplash (Photo: Randy Fath/Unsplash)If you thought you had a tough time fixing a broken display on your smartphone, just be grateful you’re not a farmer. Or at least, not a farmer who uses John Deere tractors. In Missouri, a… Continue Reading →

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