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Earth Isn’t ‘Super’ Because the Sun Had Rings

As we explore the cosmos, astronomers have spotted a lot of so-called “super-Earths.” These rocky planets may be several times as massive as Earth, and there’s no analog in our solar system. But why is that? Scientists from Rice University… Continue Reading →

Nvidia Launches an Upgraded RTX 3080, Now with 12GB of VRAM

As expected, Nvidia is going ahead with the launch of a 12GB version of its vaunted RTX 3080 graphics card, which is 2GB more than the previous version. Nvidia mildly bumped up some other specs as well, so it’s not… Continue Reading →

Intel Quietly Removes ‘Q1’ References from its Website for Arc Graphics Launch

In a move that’s only mildly upsetting given the fact that GPU aficionados have grown accustomed to disappointment, Intel is seemingly pushing the launch of its all-new Arc graphics technology back a smidge. Just a few weeks ago Intel was… Continue Reading →

BlackBerry Shuts Down Services for Legacy Phones Today

It’s over. If you try to start up your aging Blackberry smartphone today, it’ll fail to work as it always has in the past. BlackBerry, formerly known as RIM, is sticking with the timeline announced in 2020 to shut off… Continue Reading →

The Games We Played and Would (Mostly) Recommend in 2021

As the end of the year rolls around, it’s a time to reflect — in this case, on some of the games we played throughout the year. Most of us at ExtremeTech are gamers of one sort or another, and… Continue Reading →

Habitat for Humanity Deploys First 3D Printed Home

(Photo: Habitat for Humanity Peninsula and Greater Williamsburg )Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit that builds and repairs homes in partnership with lower-income families and individuals, has officially signed over its first 3D printed home.  Habitat for Humanity partnered with Alquist to… Continue Reading →

NASA Delays James Webb Space Telescope Launch Due to Weather

Stop me if you’ve heard this one, but the James Webb Space Telescope launch has been delayed. This time it’s not a matter of engineering, assembly, or transport — it’s the weather. NASA had planned to launch the fabulously expensive… Continue Reading →

New Haptic Vest Lets You Experience Getting Shot, Virtually

Ask any gamer what they want right now and most will say a GPU, but when you say, “besides that” most will state they always want more immersion. It’s why we have ultra-wide monitors, 3D audio, and high-fidelity graphics, after… Continue Reading →

The Arrival of In-Game NFTs is Already Generating Heavy Resistance

In the space of a mere two weeks, in-game NFTs have suddenly become a lightning rod in the gaming industry. Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are in-game items with blockchain-verified ownership, which is a novel concept in the gaming world. However,… Continue Reading →

Microsoft Teams up with iFixit to Offer Repair Tools For its Surface PCs

Microsoft is jumping on the Right to Repair bandwagon via a new partnership with the popular product teardown and DIY repair website iFixit. Microsoft has begun making its custom tool designs for Surface repairs available for purchase from iFixit, which… Continue Reading →

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