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This Week in Space: NASA Finally Completed an Artemis Fueling Test

NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) rocket with the Orion spacecraft aboard is seen atop the mobile launcher as it moves up the ramp at Launch Pad 39B, Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2022, at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. NASA’s Artemis… Continue Reading →

Nvidia Announces Jetson Orin Nano, Updates Isaac Nova Orin Dev Kit

Nvidia announced its new Jetson Orin Nano system-on-module at GTC 2022. During the Nvidia keynote at GTC today, the company unveiled its new Jetson Orin Nano system-on-module (SOM) and announced updates to its Nova Orin robot reference platform. At $199,… Continue Reading →

Bombshell: EVGA Terminates Relationship with Nvidia

In what can only be described as a shocking revelation, EVGA has announced it is terminating its partnership with Nvidia. It will no longer make or sell Nvidia-based GPUs, period. The news comes from Gamers Nexus, which got the info… Continue Reading →

Autism Studies Found to Habitually Exclude Women and Girls

(Photo: Dylan Gillis/Unsplash)Most of us know autism exists on a spectrum, manifesting in different ways for different people. Despite these variables, studies on autism have routinely excluded girls and women, making it difficult for an entire gender to receive formal… Continue Reading →

Uber Eats to Begin Delivering Food with Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles have been getting smarter and safer, but can they replace human drivers? We’re about to find out with a new partnership between Uber and a robotic vehicle startup called Nuro. The two have signed a 10-year deal to… Continue Reading →

Valve Plans ‘Next-Gen’ Steam Decks, With Multiple Games In Development

(Photo: Edgar Almeida/Unsplash)Valve, the one-stop-shop video game developer, distributor, and gaming hardware maker, has an exciting future ahead. According to developers, the company is already working on future iterations of its successful handheld console—all while preparing a handful of games… Continue Reading →

An Astronomer Is Privately Funding a Search for Alien Technology on the Ocean Floor

Meteors have been raining down on Earth since time immemorial, but we are only beginning to understand that some of them have very exotic origins. In 2014, a small space rock hit the atmosphere and broke apart like so many… Continue Reading →

Apple Might Use ‘Reality’ Naming Convention for Its Mixed Reality Devices

Apple headset render via Antonio DeRosa (Photo: Concept by Antonio DeRosa)It’s been previously reported that Apple has been working on a mixed reality device for over seven years now. Incredibly, we still have no firm launch plans or any definitive… Continue Reading →

This Week in Space: Farewell and Godspeed to Nichelle Nichols

Hello everyone. This week we’ve got rapidly escalating space weather, just in time for Monday’s Artemis 1 launch. We have new data from Perseverance, and the routinely record-breaking James Webb space telescope has — surprise! — broken another record. We… Continue Reading →

James Webb Space Telescope Captures the Rings of Jupiter

Webb NIRCam composite image from two filters – F212N (orange) and F335M (cyan) – of Jupiter system. Credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, Jupiter ERS Team; image processing by Ricardo Hueso (UPV/EHU) and Judy Schmidt. | Source: https://blogs.nasa.gov/webb/2022/08/22/webbs-jupiter-images-showcase-auroras-hazes/ If you’ve been waiting… Continue Reading →

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