Tomorrow Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles will officially launch and go up for sale in stores around the country. These new high-powered gaming machines feature cutting-edge graphics and can rival modern gaming PCs. The more higher-end of the two systems is the Xbox Series X, which comes equipped with a custom SoC with an 8-core AMD Ryzen processor and a powerful 52 CU AMD processor. It’s slated to compete directly with Sony’s PlayStation 5 and it retails for $499.99.

The new Xbox Series S isn’t quite as powerful as the Series X console. It also has an 8-core AMD processor, but it’s graphics processor is less than half as fast as the Xbox Series X with just 20 CUs. This system also doesn’t include a disc drive, meaning you will need to buy all of your games digitally. The Series S has its own advantages, however, as it’s smaller and priced significantly lower at just $299.99.

If you’re hoping to snag one of these new game machines, you’ll need to check back frequently in order to catch them when they come back in stock, which should happen once the systems officially launch. The pre-orders sold out rapidly, however, and any consoles that come in stock tomorrow are likely to do the same.

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Author: Michael Justin Allen Sexton