Sony and Microsoft are gearing up for a big holiday season. We’ll all still be stuck at home with time to kill thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, and that makes a shiny new gaming console even more appealing than usual. Sony is hoping its lineup of exclusive launch titles will tip the scales in its favor, but the action-RPG Godfall is losing some of its hype today. Sony and the developers have confirmed this title will only work with an active internet connection. Yes, even the single-player mode. 

PlayStation fans were tipped off about this odd restriction when Sony updated the Godfall landing page with a clarification that online play is “required.” A follow-up tweet from developer Counterplay Games confirmed that Godfall will need an internet connection. Both single-player and the “drop-in drop-out” cooperative mode will only work if you’ve got connectivity. However, they say that it won’t be a “service game.” 

We’ve seen restrictions like this before, but it’s usually a consequence of DRM. Some games need to maintain a connection to a licensing server to verify that your copy of the game is legitimate, which really only punishes people who bought the game and have poor connectivity — pirates usually have the wherewithal to crack DRM. In this case, the restriction is most likely a consequence of how Counterplay Games designed the game’s loot system. 

While there are no microtransactions in Godfall, the developer describes it as a “loot-slasher.” It’s third-person with a heavy focus on items and character upgrades, which require players to complete missions alone or as part of a group. When you combine loot and online play, the potential for cheating and hacks skyrockets. It would appear that Counterplay Games decided the best way to combat that is to make the entire game online, even if you’re playing alone. 

Godfall will be one of the launch titles for the PlayStation 5, and that means it’ll be one of the first games on the market at the new $70 AAA price. Some gamers might scoff at paying more for a game with online such requirements. Godfall will launch on November 12th on the PS5. While the Xbox won’t get a version of the game, the PC edition will launch on the Epic Games Store with the same always-on internet requirement. 

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Source From Extremetech
Author: Ryan Whitwam