Though there are a lot of things about 2021 that are less than ideal, there are some positive elements of the new year as well. Take Artificial Intelligence, for example! This brave new frontier in the world of technology is continuing to advance, which means we’re really not that far away from a world where self-driving cars help us get around. And computer programming is only getting more sophisticated, and becoming a super lucrative and continuously expanding career field.

Since we’re all continuing to stay safer at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have more time on our hands. Why not put some of that free time to use by reading up on both artificial intelligence, Python development, TensorFlow and even more areas? And while purchasing a lot of books individually can be super costly, fortunately bundles exist to serve up informative books at lower prices.

The AI & Python Development eBook Bundle by Mercury Learning is a perfect way to dive into the world of artificial intelligence and the Python programming language. It provides you with a whopping 15 eBooks that would typically all set you back $554, but with the bundle are a whopping 96 percent off at just $19.99.

For less than $20 you can get insight into both AI and Python with eBooks like Artificial Intelligence Basics, which gives a great introduction to the fundamental concepts of artificial intelligence, or Artificial Intelligence & Problem Solving, which shows you how to solve well-known AI problems using efficient problem-solving methods.

Python: An Introduction to Programming gets you started on the computer programming language Python, teaching you an overview of computers and programming languages. And Python Pocket Primer and Python 3 Pocket Primer are ready to get you started on major aspects and source code to use Python.

Get these informative eBooks from the highly regarded Mercury Learning. The AI & Python Development eBook Bundle by Mercury Learning is available now for just $19.99.

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